The Catholic University of America

Monica J. Blanchard (Ph.D., The Catholic University of America)

Curator, Semitics/ICOR Collections; Lecturer

Principal areas of interest

Syriac; Coptic; Classical Armenian ; Old Georgian

Selected Publications


A Treatise on God Written in Armenian by Eznik of Kolb (floruit c.430-c.450): an English Translation, with Introduction and Notes. With Robin Darling Young. Eastern Christian Texts in Translation; 2. Leuven: Peeters, 1998.
To Train his Soul in Books: Syriac Asceticism in Early Christianity. Edited by Robin Darling Young and Monica J. Blanchard. CUA Studies in Early Christianity. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 2011.


Articles and Book Chapters

"The Armenian Version of the 'Life of Evagrius of Pontus'", St. Nersess Theological Review 5-6 (2000-2001): 25-38. With C. Griffin, C. Horn, J. Timbie.
"Catholic University of America Ethiopic Manuscript 1," in L.S.B. MacCoull (ed.), Studies in the Christian East in Memory of Mirrit Boutros Ghali (Publications of the Society for Coptic Archaeology, North America, 1; Washington, D.C., 1995) 25-27.
"The Christian Orient," 37-43 in In the Beginning: Bibles before the year 1000, ed. M. P. Brown. Washington, D.C.: Freer Gallery of Art & Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, 2006.
"The Coptic Heritage of St. Ephrem the Syrian," II.1.37-51 in Acts of the Fifth International Congress of Coptic Studies, Washington, 12-15 August 1992, ed. T. Orlandi & D. W. Johnson. 2 v. in 3; Rome: C.I.M., 1993.
"The Georgian Version of the Martyrdom of Saint Michael, Monk of Mar Sabas Monastery." ARAM 6 (1994): 149-63.
"Henri Hyvernat (1858-1931) and the Beginning of Syriac Studies at The Catholic University of America," ARAM 5 (1993) 181-196. With S. Griffith.
"Moses of Nisibis (fl. 906-943) and the Library of Deir Suriani," 13-24 in Studies in the Christian East in Memory of Mirrit Boutros Ghali, ed. L.S.B. MacCoull. Publications of the Society for Coptic Archaeology, North America 1. Washington, D.C., 1995.
"Saint Ephrem's Coptic Friend, Apa Bishoi," The Harp: A Review of Syriac and Oriental Ecumenical Studies 16 (2003): 43-55.
"Sarabaitae and Remnouth: Coptic Considerations,"49-60 in The World of Early Egyptian Christianity: Language, Literature, and Social Context, ed. J. E. Goehring & J. A. Timbie. CUA Studies in Early Christianity. Washington, D.C.: CUA Press, 2007.

Contributions to Reference Works

The Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity, ed. D. Brady, S.H. Griffith et al. (1999): articles on Abba Salama, 'Amda Seyon I, Amharic, Ewostatewos, Frumentius of Axum, Kebra Nagast; Lalibela, Qusta ibn Luqa, Tigre, Weddase Maryam; others
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