The Catholic University of America

Courses & Schedules

Courses at the 500 and 600 levels are open to qualified undergraduates. Language courses above the 500 level may be repeated, provided that their contents have changed in accord with the needs and progress of the students. Not all courses listed are offered every year.

200 and 300-level courses offered in the Fall Semester 2018 include:

SEM 241 Introduction to Arabic (Elementary grammar and syntax of the classical Arabic of the Quran and of early Islamic literature)

SEM 311 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (Fundamentals of phonology, morphology, and syntax of Classical Biblical Hebrew, followed by simple readings in Biblical Hebrew prose)

SEM 331 Introduction to Syriac I (Fundamentals of phonology, morphology, and syntax of Classical Syriac, followed by selected readings)

CUA ICOR Arabic Ms. 11.